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Blues Lake Carp Fishing Holiday. Carp Fishing Holidays At Affordable Prices





Welcome to BluesLake carp fishery, holidays for the big carp experience, a Belgian carp fishing paradise within 2 hours drive from Calais no toll roads and only two main roads to negotiate.


Blues Lake is now officially open for business. We acquired the lake in September 2002 and it has been going from strength to strength with carp to 67lb7oz (MIRROR). We have seven recorded sixties in the lake, three mirrors and four commons.


So what has Blues Lake got to offer, well the lake is roughly 2 hours travelling time from Calais and is around 7 acres in size, it is a fully mature lake with probably an oak tree in every swim. The main body of the lake has a large island at one end and numerous lily pads dotted around, the second part of the lake is long and ‘P’ shaped, it is joined to the main lake by means of a large cut through, thus allowing free movement for the fish. We have made ten swims on the lake but only a maximum of 6 anglers are allowed, this allows free movement for anglers if they wish to change swims or if they wish to go stalking, we like to think we have given anglers a choice. We approached our new lake in a manner that gives anglers good quality fish with the least amount of restrictions; we hope to give anglers a holiday to remember and the chance to catch that fish of a lifetime.


The carp at present go to 67lb7oz. We also have taken many carp from surface fishing so there is a varied amount of sport for every angler. The lake varies in depth from around 1.5m to around 4m if anyone finds different let us know. The lily pads around the lake give good holding spots for the carp and virtually every swim is able to use these areas, we have also many features in open water that allow the interception of cruising carp and certain areas that the carp seem to frequent, possibly mussel beds. We rest the lake for at least six months of the year this helps maintain the lake quality and assures the fish are in A1 condition.


These lakes are old school fishing, we dont harrass you in anyway and the bailffs are there to help in any way they can. you need to use your water craft around the lake and what seems like the best carpy spot might not be due to features close by, so bait placement is a must-- take your time.


We have a large log cabin by the main car park which is for your use, it has all the essentials for cooking and eating plus storing bait (large chest freezer). We have a brand new cabin on site which has got two large showers and toilets new for 2013. If you need to recharge boats or phones feel free to do so. We have another cabin which is found on the other side of the lake, there is a gas cooker for you to use but there is no electric power (you are meant to be roughing it) it measures around 12 feet by 18 feet with a porch at the entrance. You can either store your equipment here or use it as a large bivvy, the choice is yours. We prefer to use it as social area for eating and having a few beers, or for you sophisticated ones a glass of wine, also a good place to tell the stories of the one that got away, sometimes they turn into long nights.


The lake is geared not only for your serious carp angler but also for those wishing to put a bend in the rod and maybe catch a fish that would other wise be out of reach in the UK. All areas are within casting range but using your water craft is a must as the fish will frequent certain spots around the lake and some we have not found yet.


There are local supermarkets about 5 minutes from the lake, which sells everything that you could buy at home, and more, so there is no need to bring big amounts of shopping with you. Close by are some good takeaway places, keeps the need to cook, down to a minimum.





Blues Lake Carp Fishing Holiday. Carp Fishing Holidays At Affordable Prices




Our newly acquired lake is roughly 150m from the main lake and is around 5 acres in size, we have carp at the moment to over 47lb3oz recorded. Stock levels are good and has shown to be good runs water; we are also introducing new stock in march, ordered ready for the new season.


The lake depths are very similar to the main lake ranging from 1 to 4m; all around the lake are mature lily pads and trees surrounding the lake. We have made three very large double swims all on one bank and each swim is accessible by car, in each swim is a purpose built wooden hut for storing essentials or as an eating area they are basic but do the job. Having the swims all on one bank allows you to fish the whole lake with no disturbances, one advantage also is a small pathway around the lake which allows you to bait up on the far banks.

You have full use of the facilities on the main lake and we can also supply one of our boats for your use, if you wish you can bring your own which anglers have done in the past, just be mindful of other anglers. The same as the main lake all types of bait work so if you have bait that you are confident with then it will work here.

We have set the price at an affordable price for an angling holiday abroad with stunning fish and still the chance of catching large carp but also the possibility of fish that we are not aware of.




Blues Lake Carp Fishing Holiday. Carp Fishing Holidays At Affordable Prices


please check booking form for all new prices


Check booking form for full details.


Telephone UK ++44 (0)1606556687 or

(0) 7939206855

ask for Tony.









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Blues Lake Carp Fishing Holiday. Carp Fishing Holidays At Affordable Prices





Telephone UK ++44 (0)1606556687 or (0) 7939206855 ask for Tony.






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